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Jay Dorst / P.E.

With over 29 years of experience in the Testing and Inspection industry, Mr. Dorst brings an extensive portfolio of expertise to Consolidated Engineering Labs.  Working within CEL's Consulting Division, Mr. Dorst has performed complex QA functions for public entities such as Caltrans, including oversight of inspection, testing and review of contractor QC activities. He has over 20 years of experience as a lab and field testing manager. Additionally, he has a rich blend of skills in the areas of metallurgy and associated testing, welding, coatings, electronic instrument and data acquisition, failure investigations, building condition surveys, load testing of structures and components and cyclic testing of shear walls. He serves as an industry leader through his membership in the ASTM, ACI, NACE and AWS Associations and is licensed as a Civil and Metallurgical Engineer in the State of California.

Jim Powers / P.E.
Executive Vice President

Mr. Powers is a Registered Civil Engineer with professional experience in construction design, quality control, special inspection and testing. His 32 years of experience includes design and construction of nuclear power plants, commercial, industrial, and residential complexes, and he is well versed in special inspection and testing of structural steel, reinforced concrete, post-tensioned concrete, structural masonry and soils. He has particular expertise in structural investigation and seismic rehabilitation. Mr. Powers has been with CEL for 21 years, and performs as Senior Engineer in charge of the Metallurgical Department, as well as QC Manager for CEL in its entirety. As QC Manager, Mr. Powers assures the integrity and quality of our laboratory testing environment throughout all of the offices.

Lee Mattis / P.E. 
Senior Consulting Engineer

Mr. Mattis has over 40 years of experience in testing, inspection, and structural design, and is an well-known expert in anchorage systems and materials. Mr. Mattis now provides anchor product development consulting services for a variety of clients. Mr. Mattis managed CEL Consulting for sixteen years, during which he supervised concrete anchorage design and testing, building structure and construction materials investigations and testing, metallurgical testing activities and provided special inspection and testing consultation. He managed all activities of the anchorage department, performing in-lab approval testing as well as international and national plant inspections. He is a member of ASCE, ASME ASTM, AWS, Structural Engineers Association of Northern California, Concrete Anchor Manufacturers Association and Federation International du Beton. He is also a member as well as the Chairman of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Commitee 355, Anchorage to Concrete. He has a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the University of Delaware and a MBA from California State University at Los Angeles. Mr. Mattis is a Licensed Civil Engineer in both California and Florida.   

Anil Nethisinghe/ P.E.
Forensic & Structural Investigation Manager

Mr. Nethisinghe joined CEL Consulting in 2012 and brings his education and professional experience to any project he is a part of. As a Civil Engineering graduate from UC Davis as well as Licensed Civil Engineer, Mr. Nethisinghe’s knowledge of structural integrity applies well to his work managing the Structural Investigation department. His experience thus far has been diverse and intensive, allowing him a comprehensive knowledge of construction inspection and investigation.

Faisal Gausi
Product Evaluations Lab Manager

Mr. Gausi started with CEL Consulting in 2005 working in the laboratory and in the field, and was then promoted to Laboratory Manager in 2012. He is ACI certified as well as Autocad certified, and is fluent in both German and Farsi. Mr. Gausi specializes in anchor testing, and manages materials testing, data analysis and reporting, and equipment calibration. He is also responsible for designing the specialized test fixtures CEL Consulting utilizes for their testing procedures. 

Guillermo Baltazar
Metallurgical Lab Manager

With over 7 years of experience in the Testing and Inspection industry, Mr. Baltazar is a highly-skilled professional that brings energy and enthusiasm to his position. As Manager of the Metallurgical Laboratory, he provides technical input to designers, fabricators and contractors related to welding issues. He has a rich blend of skills in the areas of metallurgy and associated testing, welding, electronic instrumentation and data acquisition. His extensive experience in the welding industry includes welding submittal reviews, welding qualification expertise and certification as an AWS CWI with NDT certifications in PT/MT/UT/VT.